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ACM claims a first in Germany with Falcon 7X
ACM Air Charter reports that it has become the first operator in Germany to obtain authorisation to operate the Falcon 7X commercially.

ACM Air Charter reports that it has become the first operator in Germany to obtain authorisation to operate the Falcon 7X commercially.

"We are very pleased to offer our clients a second ultra long range aircraft in addition to our Global Express XRS," says md Thomas Minninger. "We are in a position to respond more flexibly to the increased demand which is especially evident in this particular segment of the marketplace."

ACM adds that it has also received approval from the German Aviation Authority to carry out line and base maintenance on the 7X at its own maintenance facilities at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport.

Minninger says: "The aircraft was chosen not just for its long range but for its spacious cabin which has a 15-seat layout. This can be converted into a configuration with five comfortable beds for night flights."

However ACM says that the range of 7,000 kilometres was a key factor in its decision to operate the 7X.

"Destinations such as Shanghai, Los Angeles and Johannesburg, for example, can be reached non-stop," Minninger points out. "The first charter flight was commissioned and undertaken to the World Cup in South Africa and we expect more charters to big events around the world."

Jonas Kraft, director sales and marketing, says: "The aircraft is very good especially for ETOPS critical flight patterns or airports with runway limitations for long-haul flights like Antigua. We see a rising demand especially from clients who are very 'Falcon focused.' Clients who have enjoyed the Falcon 2000 are now also using the Falcon 7X."

He adds: "For some passengers a three-engine aircraft gives a kind of additional feeling of safety and reassurance."

ACM operates five other jets - two 10-seat Falcon 2000EXs; a 12-seat Challenger 604; an eight-seat Citation X and an eight-seat Citation VII.

In addition to charter flights ACM Air Charter provides management services for aircraft owners spanning international flight planning, licensing and insurance services as well as technical line and base maintenance support.

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