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Marsh Brothers Aviation
Marsh Brothers Aviation
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Latitude Technologies   (Canada)

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News from Business Air News
West Star gains satellite data STC for Global Express
December 28, 2022
Chicago Jet selects S200 for the Falcon 900B communication system
October 13, 2021
Chicago Jet Group and Latitude Technologies team up
June 25, 2021
The DL150 is a critical part of the avionics upgrade supporting global satellite-based connectivity enabling Oceanic Controller-Pilot Data Link including ADS-C, FANS 1/A+ and ACARS services. It is globally compliant.
Latitude extends longevity of ENode and IONode TBOs
March 1, 2021
A new STC permits Latitude's ENode DAU and IONode DDR to function as a key component of the TBO extension's time interval extensions for business jet operators. P&W Citations and Hawkers are in line for it.
November 13, 2018ACR takes long view on Latitude
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