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SyberJet Aircraft   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
SyberJet completes ACID tests for the SJ30i
January 30, 2020
SyberJet's avionics suite for the SJ30i, SyberVision, is powered by Honeywell's Epic 2.0 and is being integrated with an electric pitch trim actuator by Electromech. The autopilot system is being put through its paces.
Honeywell-equipped SJ30i completes first flight
October 15, 2019
An enhanced cockpit based on the Honeywell Epic 2.0 avionics suite has made both cockpit and systems much easier to manage, as the first flight of SyberJet's SJ30i shows.
Me & My Aircraft: EIDC hails historic first type rating for SJ30
July 8, 2009
Debra Draheim has gained the first single pilot type rating for the SJ30 since Emirates Investment Development Company (EIDC) acquired Emivest Aerospace Corporation last year.
Action Aviation builds client base for charter development
May 2, 2007
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