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2021 Media brochure
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We have celebrated 30 years of publication with a major expansion.

Business Air News has been delivering its own style of news to business aircraft owners and operators throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 1989, but now for the first time there will also be editions written for brand new readerships in North and South America and the Asia Pacific region.

The same high editorial standards with the spotlight on aircraft owners, sparkling production standards and meticulous distribution lists - but now delivering a massive worldwide audience for our advertisers.

Take a look at our editorial feature list for 2021.

Issue Postal distribution Bonus distribution Readership
January 2020Europe, ME & AfricaAir OPS Europe65,321   Statement  |  Online issue
February 2020North AmericaNBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers69,603   Statement  |  Online issue
March 2020Asia Pacific40,255   Statement  |  Online issue
April 2020Europe, ME & Africa66,995   Statement  |  Online issue
May 2020Europe, ME & Africa64,688   Statement  |  Online issue
June 2020Europe, ME & Africa64,608   Statement  |  Online issue
July 2020South America37,866   Statement  |  Online issue
August 2020Europe, ME & Africa64,585   Statement  |  Online issue
September 2020North America61,360   Statement  |  Online issue
October 2020Europe, ME & Africa65,065   Statement  |  Online issue
November 2020Europe, ME & Africa64,997   Statement  |  Online issue
December 2020Europe, ME & Africa65,301   Statement  |  Online issue
January 2021Europe, ME & Africa64,904   Statement  |  Online issue
February 2021North AmericaNBAA S&D61,546   Statement  |  Online issue
March 2021Europe, ME & AfricaHelitech Expo and HAI65,040   Statement  |  Online issue
April 2021Asia PacificABACE37,247   Statement  |  Online issue
May 2021Europe, ME & AfricaEBACE67,457   Statement  |  Online issue
June 2021Europe, ME & Africa67,491   Statement  |  Online issue
July 2021Europe, ME & Africa65,315   Statement  |  Online issue
August 2021Europe, ME & AfricaACE'2165,000 (est)
September 2021North AmericaNBAA-BACE64,000 (est)
October 2021Europe, ME & Africa65,000 (est)
November 2021Europe, ME & AfricaDubai and LABACE65,000 (est)
December 2021Europe, ME & Africa65,000 (est)

Free bonus: All advertisers in our printed editions are featured with logo and advertising slogan linking to the display advertisement in the online edition of the magazine itself throughout the news pages of this web site, now viewed by 25,000 unique individuals every month.

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Don't worry, Business Air News is here to help.

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