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Business Air News - a family of magazines and handbooks based on exclusive journalism and research.

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Customisable Adjective: Able to be modified to suit a particular individual or task.

Here at Business Air News we take this definition very seriously. Why, in the information age, should you accept paying for email advertising arriving in the wrong inboxes?

We know exactly who our Bulletins go to. This means you can tailor precisely by whom, where and when your banners are seen, maximising the effectiveness of your campaign. This ensures that every Bulletin delivered reaches a genuine potential customer and squeezes every ounce of value out of every dollar spent.

To tailor your campaign, simply:

  • Choose continents, countries or worldwide
  • Choose aircraft categories or types
  • Choose business activities
  • See how many emails we have, and fine tune
  • Worldwide there are 52,403 emails

From there we do the rest. You only pay for delivered Bulletins and can track when and how many we have sent. You can top your account up as and when you like giving you ultimate flexibility over reach and spend.

So for example; if you want to reach every fixed wing in North America, no problem. Just H135 helicopters in Australia? We can do that. Long range but worldwide? Only aircraft sales agents? We can be as specific as you need with ultimate flexibility in any region, any type of owner or operator, and any activity. If you're unsure what options would work best for you just get in touch with for our suggestions.

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Relax, we've got every show covered

Business Air News has special issues for all of the leading exhibitions worldwide.

Each has regional postal distribution, and bonus copies at the show.