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Me & My Aircraft: P180 Avanti owners happy with 'jet speed turboprop'
Daniela Flierl of AirGo is happy with the P180 Avanti I and II and says that AOG time is minimal.

Daniela Flierl of AirGo is happy with the P180 Avanti I and II and says that AOG time is minimal. "We are very satisfied with the maintenance support. The manufacturer is located in Genoa, a good central position in Europe, and provides 24-7 service so we have always access for help.

"We have no problems with service centres in Europe, all of which provide field service. Additionally the aircraft is very reliable so we don't have a lot of trouble. We are very satisfied with the dispatch reliability."

Four aircraft are in operation but there has been only one AOG caused by a loose part on the apron. "We have jet-like speeds and turboprop fuel costs, a cabin like a midsize jet, runway length like a King Air 200/350 and we can take seven passengers and two crew."

Flierl says the Avanti II price is stable even in a falling market. "Some say it is now too expensive but we say it is worth the money and this is why the price doesn't drop much."

The best aspects according to Flierl are the midsize jet comfort at the price of a light jet and the very safe and smooth flying characteristics. "It could have a bit more range like the super light and midsize jets." The only problem, Flierl adds, is that people might wrongly think that the aircraft might have the downside characteristics of a turboprop.

"If you buy the Avanti II you have nearly everything as a standard. Electronic Jeppesen charts are still an option. I think nearly everybody orders this option and probably soon it could become a standard as well. The Avanti is a very safe aircraft due to its flying characteristics with state-of-the art avionics in its class.

"It is very efficient and at high speeds it has an extremely low fuel consumption while still being able to carry up to seven passengers and two crew."

Jan Nordstrom says he is very satisfied with Piaggio Avanti P180 maintenance support. "The support from Genoa has improved very much." He is very satisfied with the dispatch reliability, operating capability and value.

"There is high speed, low fuel burn and no noise. The best aspects include the cabin, the speed and operating cost. The worst thing is that we have the only one in Scandinavia. That means the access to pilots is limited. We do not consider an upgrade - we don't know what aircraft could be better than the P180. It is a great aircraft."

Eduardo Sorvillo, commenting on the operation of three P180 Avanti Is, is satisfied with the maintenance support and value. He is very satisfied with the dispatch reliability and operating capability. "The best thing is the comfort and the worst aspect the maintenance cost and runway requirements," he says. His wishlist would include an anti-skid system in order to get better runway performance and 45 minutes more endurance.

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