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Me & My Aircraft: Cheyenne III generates mixed feelings
The PA-42 Cheyenne III first flew in 1978 and was produced by Piper until 1993.

The PA-42 Cheyenne III first flew in 1978 and was produced by Piper until 1993. There is sadness that the PA-42 is out of production but dissatisfaction with the support from the manufacturer. Bernt Wasler of Eurosky Aviation AS says he is unhappy with the maintenance support for the PA-42-1000 but satisfied with the dispatch reliability, operating capability and value. "The best thing is that it is fast and quiet in the cabin but the worst thing is the support from Piper and the most desirable upgrade is an MT propeller," he says.

Lubomir Cornak says the Cheyenne III and Cheyenne IIIA can still call on a couple of expert maintenance providers with good spare part supplies. "I am satisfied with the dispatch reliability. If anything breaks, it is always related to instruments and avionics. An upgrade to a glass cockpit such as G600 should solve most dispatch reliability issues. I am very satisfied with the operating capability. I like the Cheyenne much more than the King Air, it simply flies better and is more economical. One can always get the Cheyenne significantly cheaper than a King Air of a similar age and equipment. You get a better aircraft for less money - that's value."

He says the baggage capacity is among the best aspects. "You get nose baggage, two nacelle compartments of reasonable size and the back-cabin compartment, plus the standard baggage door. The worst thing," he jokes, "is that they don't build them any more. I am especially sad Piper doesn't build new Cheyennes anymore. I can envisage a Cheyenne IIIB with new avionics package, a little bit more thermodynamic power (not a necessity, just nice to have) and completely redesigned interior. With that, the aircraft would have a great future."

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