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PAS orders AW139s as part of fleet modernisation
Petroleum Air Services (PAS) of Egypt has ordered two AW139 medium twins and taken options on two other helicopters.

Petroleum Air Services (PAS) of Egypt has ordered two AW139 medium twins and taken options on two other helicopters. PAS says the AW139 is ideally suited for the offshore oil and gas transport support operations. "Its large cabin and baggage compartments allow it to transport 12 to 15 passengers and baggage," the company says. "The superior power of the two engines ensures the AW139 has the best performance in its weight class in all operating conditions. It also has excellent payload and performance."

PAS says that the AW139 can also be used for a number of applications including EMS/SAR, executive/vip transport and government roles. The company operates both fixed wing and rotary fleet providing a range of services including passenger transport, seismic support, load lifting, medical evacuation and pollution control.

The company says: "PAS has flown more than 450,000 hours in over 25 years in support of oil industry activities in Egypt with the majority being in the offshore sector. Hundreds of take-offs and landings are carried out daily, transporting personnel and equipment throughout the offshore oil fields in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Red Sea. The AW139 order is part of PAS's continuing fleet modernisation plan for medium twin engine helicopters."

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Aero Asahi invests in an AW169
May 30, 2024
Aero Asahi has become highly familiar with the outstanding features and capabilities of the modern AW169 type, by supporting a dedicated demo tour held in Japan in 2023. The AW169 brings high performance.
Leonardo unveils VIP interiors for AW09
May 28, 2024
The premiere at EBACE paves the way for a demo tour of the mock-up across Europe in the summer, including locations such as Paris and London as well as attendance at some key exhibitions through to year-end.
Castle Air adds third AW139 for UK ops
March 2, 2024
Helicopter passenger transport service provider Castle Air adds third AW139 to fleet of 10 Leonardo aircraft for operations in the UK.