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Eurocopter to provide EC225 FTD in Scotland to bring training closer to North Sea crews
Eurocopter is expanding training services for its North Sea oil and gas clients in Scotland.

Eurocopter is expanding training services for its North Sea oil and gas clients in Scotland. The company intends to operate its first U.K.-based EC225 Flight Training Device (FTD) in Aberdeen through its fully-owned subsidiary, Eurocopter U.K. Ltd, starting in 2010.

"This initiative forms part of a more general widening of Eurocopter U.K.'s footprint and capabilities," says ceo Lutz Bertling. "Having so far operated in England, Wales and Ireland, Eurocopter U.K. is now also reinforcing its policy of service proximity to customers in Scotland."

The FTD will be qualified to JAR FSTD level 3 standards but will also include OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) data pack and flight loop. "Our customers have been telling us they need easier access to training, notably to FTDs," Bertling says. "Eurocopter wants to provide low-cost alternatives to real flight in locations that are currently far from existing simulators. FTDs must be in the right place at the right price and this is just the first step in Scotland."

Separately an EC135 FTD in Donauworth, Germany, becomes operational later this year.

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Lithuanian border guard orders three H145s
December 5, 2023
Funded in part by Lithuania's national budget and also by European funding, the H145s will further strengthen the intelligence and response capabilities of its border guards.
Airbus flies fully automated helicopter with tablet
December 5, 2023
Controlled by a touchscreen tablet, this successful demo of fully autonomous flight is a step towards the reduced pilot workload and simplified HMI that the Airbus UAM team will implement on CityAirbus NextGen.
Airbus Helicopters pioneers user-friendly ways to fly eVTOLs
October 11, 2023
Pilot controls are simplified by a single stick, electric flight control system that replaces the three conventional cyclic, collective and pedal controls and manages all aircraft axes.