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Jenson Button helps HondaJet sales get off to racing start in Europe
HondaJet sales have got off to a racing start in Europe.

HondaJet sales have got off to a racing start in Europe. The first customer in the region is Formula 1 racing driver and business entrepreneur Jenson Button. Button will purchase two HondaJets for a new air charter company he is establishing. The US$3.9 million HondaJet he says "is the fastest, most fuel efficient, and most spacious jet of its size and incorporates many advanced technologies that offer reduced noise and emissions levels relative to other similarly sized jets."

Button, who has just suffered a frustrating Monaco grand prix, says that the HondaJet will help him meet his busy racing itinerary efficiently and help ensure frustration-free travel outside the racing arena.

"Unfortunately, I will still need luck as well as efficiency during races. Monaco was a messy race for me," says Jenson, "and what made it even more frustrating was that the pace of the car was good. I should have come away from here with points, but unfortunately we have nothing to show for our efforts."

The HondaJet, however, will give him and his charter passengers predictable and consistent reliability. Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company president and ceo says that Honda will establish a new European network of three HondaJet exclusive sales and service centres.

Fujino says: "Honda's decision to expand sales of its advanced light jet to the rapidly growing European market is in response to strong demand for the aircraft from customers throughout the region. We have received a steady stream of inquiries from interested customers."

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Order for 25 confirms Volato commitment to HondaJet
December 7, 2022
Members of Volato's fractional ownership programme will have access to an expanded fleet of 40 HondaJets once the 25 Elite II now on order are delivered.
Honda unveils the HondaJet Elite II with longer legs
October 18, 2022
The new model has an expanded range of 1,547 nm, while an upgrade package offers current HondaJet Elite owners the opportunity to implement the company's latest performance and avionics software enhancements.
Elit'Avia commits to measuring its greenhouse gasses
September 29, 2022
Three companies representing brokerage, manufacturing and management/charter operations have contracted ZenithJet to measure their climate impact as per international standards.