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Pet appeal adds value to PropStar lifestyle proposition for family holidays
PropStar Aviation has launched at the U.K.'s Kemble Airport with the target of rapidly attracting lifestyle-oriented owners to its fractional ownership programme.

PropStar Aviation has launched at the U.K.'s Kemble Airport with the target of rapidly attracting lifestyle-oriented owners to its fractional ownership programme. "It is a fallacy that every high net worth individual wants to own a jet," says md Ed Hewertson. "There is a strong demand for piston twins that provide value-for-money and functionality. Interest is typically from people who want reliable and conveniently located air transport for leisure with perhaps occasional business meetings as well."

The operation has been launched with a six-seater PA34 Seneca V but two back-up Seneca IIs will ensure aircraft availability and PropStar Aviation plans to rapidly add at least four more aircraft to its fleet.

Hewertson says: "A key goal is to quickly establish a PA34 Seneca V fractional fleet at key locations around the U.K. We also expect a B200 King Air to be available later in 2008 and this is likely to have a 10-seat conversion."

He adds: "Much interest in our fractional ownership offering comes from individuals who typically have second homes in the West Country, Ireland and France, or own large yachts. They might also want to be accompanied on holiday by pets and our lifestyle emphasis means that we are registered at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to carry dogs."

Pawl Shanley, PropStar Aviation's membership director, adds: "Our research shows there are a good number of people who want 80 per cent of the functionality of owning an aircraft for a fraction of the running cost of a jet. We can offer handling facilities at Kemble and this is convenient for individuals and families that want more than the occasional charter but do not feel they can justify the expense of outright aircraft ownership." A one-eighth share in a Seneca V costs £42,000 plus VAT and there is a monthly management fee of £1,050 plus VAT (sales) tax to cover insurance, hangarage and maintenance.

Hewertson, who worked as a flying instructor at Kemble and has run a local car rental company, says Kemble is a cost-effective and convenient location. Kemble airport is enjoying a new era as a CAA licensed airport with well established flying clubs and independent operators.

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