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NSRC adds Artemis to fleet surveillance capability
The UAE National SAR Center is leveraging the power of Artemis to optimise and elevate its search and rescue operational performance and efficiency.
Altogether nine AW139 SAR helicopters belonging to a UAE government customer will be equipped with the ARTEMIS system.
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The first of nine AW139 search and rescue helicopters belonging to the UAE government’s National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC) has been equipped with a Smith Myers Artemis mobile phone detection, location and communication system. The installation was carried out by Austria-based special mission systems integrator Airborne Technologies with local partner Lima Aviation in the United Arab Emirates.

Lima Aviation CEO Olga Martyshchenko says: “We are thrilled to partner with Airborne Technologies on this exciting project to bring the Smith Myers Artemis system to our esteemed UAE government customer. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and innovation, as we continue to deliver solutions that redefine high industry standards of quality, reliability and performance. The successful integration of the Artemis system, renowned for its unparalleled capabilities in mobile phone detection, location and communication, underscores our collective dedication to delivering innovative and advanced aviation solutions and technologies tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Together, we are leveraging the power of Artemis to optimise and elevate search and rescue operational performance and efficiency for our UAE government customer.”

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June 17, 2024
The Honeywell RDR-7000 is a fully automated weather radar system engineered to provide far superior reliability, accuracy and durability than legacy magnetron-based radar systems. Omni has plumped for it.
ArcosJet sees the UAE as a springboard for the emergence of eVTOLs
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SkyTrac and MAG complete AW139 STC for SDL-350
March 12, 2024
Due to the diverse nature of the AW139 type, this STC will allow current and future SkyTrac AW139 clients to utilise Certus broadband connectivity to meet all operational requirements.