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Helijet launches mid-range charters from Vancouver
First a Learjet and now a Citation X; Helijet is building up its fixed wing charter services from Vancouver International airport, effective from the start of March.
The Citation X will fly non-stop from Vancouver to destinations across North America and the Caribbean.
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Helijet will be expanding its existing fixed wing charter services so as to offer customers greater non-stop travel range, comfort and convenience for North American and intercontinental charter flights.

The operator has added a Cessna Citation X turbojet aircraft to its fleet, adding superior cabin capacity and value. Its range is double that of smaller corporate jets; it has a cruise speed of over 700mph, or Mach .92, and is capable of flying at altitudes of 50,000ft. The aircraft will feature eight club-style cabin passenger seating, with stand-up cabin configuration; private lavatory facilities; ample temperature-controlled independent luggage and cargo compartments; and full phone, wi-fi, internet and streaming movie service at each passenger seat.

Passengers can fly non-stop from Vancouver to numerous North American destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Toronto, New York, Miami, Hawaii plus the Caribbean. Flight plans to take passengers even further to European destinations can also be arranged.

President and CEO Danny Sitnam says: “Our team is excited to now offer our clients the ability to meet their long-distance travel requirements in a business class cabin environment, while delivering non-stop, uninterrupted and hassle-free airfield to airfield service.”

Guests chartering Helijet’s Citation X can now board and disembark from its exclusive South Terminal passenger lounge facility at Vancouver International airport, where they are also offered complimentary and secure vehicle parking, lounge waiting facilities and complimentary ground shuttle service to the international/domestic terminal if making connecting flights.

In addition to the Citation X air service, Helijet complements ongoing travel with its six passenger Learjet as well as its scheduled helicopter services from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria and Nanaimo.

Citation X air service will be available from 1 March, 2024.

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