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Aussie airline group inks deal for 20 Vertiia
Aviation Logistics becomes the first civil customer for the Vertiia, having put in an order for at least ten of the zero emission aircraft for freight, aeromedical and passenger flights across Australia.
The Vertiia will be a passenger capable hydrogen VTOL with a range of up to 1,000km and cruising speeds of 300kmh.

Aviation Logistics has paid deposits for 10 Vertiia VTOL aircraft from AMSL Aero and has placed an option for 10 more. Subject to regulatory approvals, the general aviation and regional airline group could be flying up to 20 Vertiia aircraft through its associated companies Air Link, AirMed and Chartair for passenger services, aircraft charter, air freight and aeromedical flights from its seven bases across Australia from as early as 2027.

The operator says the deal is part of the group's fleet replacement and growth strategy and represents a significant investment in an Australian-based aircraft designer and manufacturer.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunities that Vertiia will offer. We believe this aircraft is set to revolutionise the movement of people and freight across the country by providing greater access to air transport while opening up new market opportunities that currently do not exist," says executive director Matthew Kline. "This announcement is a sign of our commitment to the future development of sustainable air transport in Australia and represents a significant investment that will secure Aviation Logistics future as one of Australia's leading aviation companies."

Aviation logistics director Mark Wardrop adds: "Over the past decade Air Link, AirMed and Chartair have carried thousands of Australians on our regional airline services, charter operations and aeromedical flights, and we look forward to deploying this new aircraft across our passenger and freight network to support our future operations. We believe it is only a matter of time before electric and hydrogen powered aircraft are transporting people across Australia, and Vertiia has the potential to change the way people living in rural and regional communities access services such as education and healthcare located in major centres."

The Vertiia will be a passenger capable hydrogen VTOL with a range of up to 1,000km and cruising speeds of 300kmh.

AMSL Aero CEO Max York welcomes Aviation Logistics as Vertiia's civil launch partner, and says: "2024 is going to be a huge year for AMSL Aero as we continue to test fly the aircraft, and we are thrilled to kick off with our first civil order for Vertiia. We are honoured to have Aviation Logistics as a partner, with 50 years' pedigree flying aircraft across Australia's vast terrain and operating in three of our core target market segments: aeromedical, logistics and passenger transport. This deal catapults Vertiia from world-leading development aircraft to commercial reality."

Vertiia's inventor Andrew Moore, chief engineering officer at AMSL Aero, adds: "Vertiia is a versatile aircraft with multiple use cases that match Aviation Logistics' demands for safe, efficient, fast and reliable aircraft for its cargo, aeromedical and passenger operations. Our partnership will allow us to collaborate on testing and development as we look towards certification and production."

Based at Sydney's Bankstown airport with operations around Australia, AMSL Aero has secured more than $A50 million in funding from major private investors and government programmes to develop the aircraft.

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