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Airbus adds partners to Italian AAM collaboration
AAM success requires more than just developing a vehicle, it is essential to co-create conditions for it to be operated and supported. Airbus and ITA Airways are bringing UrbanV and Enel along on their journey.
The CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL aircraft is heading for Italian ops.
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Airbus and the Italian flag carrier ITA Airways are bringing vertiport network operator UrbanV and energy solutions provider Enel into their partnership to promote and develop the AAM ecosystem in Italy. This expands on an initial agreement between ITA Airways and Airbus that was signed in April 2022.

The focus of the arrangement will be how to operate the Airbus eVTOL CityAirbus NextGen; investigating the standardisation of ground services such as energy supply, charging infrastructures and support and service concepts; vertiport and network planning; as well as defining passenger experience models and suitable routes.

Francesco Presicce, accountable manager and chief technology officer of ITA Airways, comments: "ITA Airways started to operate on October 2021. Since the beginning, we decided to look forward and bet on innovation. In this framework, in April 2022, ITA Airways and Airbus started a journey together that resulted in the development of this ecosystem, today a reality. This proves that we are on the right track to design the future of advanced air mobility, improving the passenger experience."

"At Airbus we know that a successful AAM business will require much more than just developing the vehicle, it is essential to co-create the conditions for that vehicle to be operated and supported. We have some experience in developing AAM ecosystems such as the Air Mobility Initiative in Bavaria," says head of UAM Balkiz Sarihan. "We are thrilled by this opportunity to work on the development of such an ecosystem in Italy."

UrbanV CEO Carlo Tursi adds: "We aim to improve people's lives by enabling a fast, efficient, safe and clean alternative to existing transport solutions for people and goods over short distances by air. We have the ambition to become a major global operator of vertiport networks, and we will be global pioneers in establishing some of the first AAM routes worldwide. We are excited to partner with Airbus, Enel and ITA Airways, three leaders in their respective fields, and we look forward to exploring together with them the great potential of urban air mobility in the Italian market."

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