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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Platt to step down as LCI vice chair
Leasing company LCI is grateful to outgoing vice chairman Mike Platt and is delighted that he will still be part of the LCI family as an advisor.
LCI vice chairman Michael Platt who is retiring at the end of the year.

Michael Platt will be stepping down and retiring as vice chairman of aviation leasing company LCI at the end of 2023. He will thereafter serve as a senior advisor to the company, working on a number of business innovation projects.

Platt joined LCI as chief executive officer in 2009 and has served as its vice chairman since 2021. He has played an integral leadership role in LCI's successful expansion and its unique position across the commercial fixed wing, helicopter and advanced air mobility sectors. He developed a team of world class professionals and played a key role in bringing in strategic investors to the company.

After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, he began his career as a private corporate finance lawyer before joining the legal department at McDonnell Douglas Finance Corporation in 1987, where he received his first exposure to aircraft finance. In 1992, he joined ILFC as corporate counsel, eventually rising to senior vice president. While at ILFC, Platt was involved in the leasing and trading of hundreds of aircraft around the world, as well as the evaluation and purchase of new aircraft. He joined Aircastle as chief investment officer in 2007, before moving to LCI in 2009.

Platt served for many years on the ISTAT board of directors and served as ISTAT's president from 2007-2009. Following his term as president, he served as a trustee of the ISTAT Foundation board where he was instrumental in helping create AirLink and the ISTAT University programmes.

Platt intends to remain involved part time in the aircraft finance industry through consulting assignments and other interesting opportunities.

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