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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Honeywell enhances JetWave via upgraded cabin software
Upgraded Cabin Sentinel software optimises and secures JetWave's connectivity link. Real-time monitoring will provide early warnings of hardware or network issues to prevent loss of connectivity on board.
Honeywell's Advanced Data Control software reduces network bottlenecks, gives priority bandwidth and more robust data security.

An upgraded suite of complementary software solutions from Honeywell enhances its JetWave system's connectivity, responsiveness of support and overall passenger experience through advanced control and improved security over the customer's connection. The upgrade will be available to all operators of Honeywell JetWave, on existing and new aircraft, in the fourth quarter of 2023.

By using Honeywell's innovative Advanced Data Control software, users will benefit from a reduction in network bottlenecks, priority bandwidth for specific users, groups and devices, and more robust data security provided through Quantum encrypted keys and data transport. Additionally, Honeywell's Machine Learning algorithms will proactively monitor the aircraft satcom system to provide early warnings of hardware or network issues. Importantly, users will have the ability to monitor the JetWave system health of the aircraft beyond just the ground, to monitor the entire network and receive vulnerability alerts.

“Drawing from the substantial knowledge and expertise we have amassed from the more than three decades of developing reliable satcom systems for both the cockpit and cabin, we can help our customers gain a more intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the system that will enable a more seamless and uninterrupted connectivity experience,” says Steve Hadden, vice president and general manager, services and connectivity. “Our new upgraded Cabin Sentinel software suite together with Honeywell's JetWave satcom system will improve the passenger experience by better optimising and securing JetWave's connectivity link. Most importantly, the real-time monitoring of the health of the system will provide early warnings of hardware or network issues to help prevent the loss of connectivity on board the business jet.”

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