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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Rosen puts large Digital Skylight into cabin ceiling
The 130" Digital Skylight mounts on the cabin ceiling and features curved 42-77 inch OLED panels.

Oregon-headquartered Rosen Aviation has launched its 130-inch composite Digital Skylight. The ultra-large application mounts on business jet cabin ceilings and features a lightweight composite display chassis and curved OLED panels. The first public example will be on display at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas.

Lee Clark, SVP of strategy says: “Our diverse customer base, from V/VIP, business and commercial airlines, has been asking for this next-level experience, and now we're delivering beyond their expectations with a solution that is even larger and lighter. The flexible and dynamic architecture of OLED displays, coupled with our more than 40 years of aircraft cabin expertise, allows for a truly unique and evolutionary product that completely changes how aircraft cabins will be designed.”

For skylight content, Rosen is working with a production company to offer a wide range of stock options, as well as full custom solutions, allowing the passenger or operator to have complete control over the ambience of their cabin. Externally mounted cameras can be used, but the displayed image will be highly dependent on camera quality, resolution and outside conditions. The Digital Skylight product is fully scalable, with panels ranging from 42" to 77" in a variety of configurations, and are built-to-order.

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