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Peregrine receives ODA from FAA
With delegated authorisation, Peregrine has end-to-end control of project certification activities without having to accommodate FAA Certification Branch workload and priorities.

Denver, Colorado-based aircraft certification service provider Peregrine has received its Organisation Designation Authorisation (ODA) from the FAA. Peregrine, with over 14 years of supplemental type certificate (STC) development experience, will now be able to process engineering approvals on a streamlined, expedited basis.

Founder and ODA administrator David Rankin says: “Our team has worked tirelessly to achieve this distinguished delegation, which allows for an efficient process to better serve the aerospace industry.”

After many years of demonstrating certification expertise, Peregrine will now be classified as ODA (AIR)‑834328‑NM, which allows it to develop and approve many types of STCs for Part 23, Part 25, Part 27 and Part 29 aircraft on behalf of the FAA.

This delegation will help mitigate the effects of the FAA's heavy workload and long lead times. Project completion dates will become more predictable while Peregrine's customers will continue to receive cost effective, high-quality certification support.

In addition to STC development for avionics upgrades, Peregrine offers Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) components and installation kits, plus the approval to manufacture parts to Technical Standard Order (TSO) standards. Additional services include engineering design and integration, flight testing, dealer equipment sales, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, metal fabrication and wire harness assembly.

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