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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Jet.AI to launch carbon removal credits platform
From September, operators will be able to use DynoFlight to offset their emissions through the purchase of removal credits that fund the direct extraction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Jet.AI founder Mike Winston.

Jet Token, dba Jet.AI, is to launch a carbon offset transaction platform for both commercial and private aviation operators. DynoFlight enables aviation businesses to offset their carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon removal credits that fund the direct extraction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

“Quality carbon offsets are hard for most companies to identify and typically require large working capital outlays,” says founder Mike Winston. “The DynoFlight platform addresses both pain points by identifying credits and enabling the flight-by-flight purchase for small dollar amounts.”

Unlike other offset programmes that often focus on preventing future emissions, carbon removal credits offer a measurable extraction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. DynoFlight offers operators the flexibility to purchase removal credits either through its online interface or programmatically using its API. The platform, due to launch in September 2023, will allow operators to:

- Purchase carbon removal credits at a competitive cost.

- Register credits to aircraft in their fleet.

- Record carbon emissions for specific aircraft to track stats across their fleet.

- Receive emissions estimates on any given route for over 250 of the most common commercial and business aircraft models using either sustainable aviation fuel or standard jet fuel.

In addition, DynoFlight will be able to facilitate the integration of carbon offsetting into an operator's checkout process. Upon a customer purchasing a removal credit at checkout, the operator receives a live link to a carbon credit certificate page to share with the customers. This certificate page dynamically updates throughout the life of the credit as it is purchased, procured and retired.

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