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Sino Jet inks order for 100 Aerofugia eVTOLs
The China-based operator has signed a purchase agreement for 100 AE200 tiltrotor eVTOL aircraft, the first to come off the production line. Type certification of the air taxi was started in April.
Aerofugia CEO Guo Liang and Sino Jet general manager, strategy Wang Chao ink a purchase agreement for the first batch of 100 AE200 aircraft. Geely CEO Xu Zhihao, Sino Jet chairman Zhang Yang, Geely VP Gu Wenting and Sino Jet president Li Yuanfeng attended the signing ceremony.

Sino Jet has signed a purchase agreement for the first batch of 100 AE200s from Aerofugia, the eVTOL division of Geely Technology Group. Sino Jet general manager, strategy Wang Chao and Aerofugia CEO Guo Liang signed the purchase agreement in Chengdu on 26 July.

Sino Jet president Li Yuanfeng says: "Sino Jet has been committed to innovation across the entire strategy and operation level, creating a seamless travel service that integrates air and ground for business jet users and regards green aviation as a long-term strategy to promote high-quality and sustainable development of business aviation. eVTOL aircraft help to create a green and sustainable three-dimensional aerial traffic ecosystem. Aerofugia is a leading eVTOL research and development manufacturer in China. The AE200 is an advanced technological achievement that meets market demand and fits with the green development concept of Sino Jet. Sino Jet will take the lead in carrying out the low-altitude business layout and explore a broader development space for the business aviation industry through the unique advantages of eVTOL."

eVTOL aircraft will be able to complete efficient business aviation travel between city centres, suburbs and airports, and become an effective connecting tool for business jets before and after flights.

The AE200 has a maximum range of 200-300 km, with a cruise speed of 250 km/h and a cruise noise of only 45dB. At present, the first flight for the prototype aircraft has been completed and the comprehensive model certification work is being initiated. This is the only tiltrotor eVTOL in China that has completed full-scale flight testing.

The two parties will combine their respective operational business and supply chain experience to actively promote eVTOL continuous airworthiness standard certification, vertiport construction and route operation, and provide systematic solutions for low-altitude three-dimensional commercial travel operations.

Geely VP Gu Wenting says: "In the future, Geely Technology will continue to provide strong support for Aerofugia and will embrace more partners to help the rapid development of the low-altitude travel industry."

Guo Liang, CEO and chief scientist of Aerofugia, says: "Aerofugia is committed to creating more efficient official travel with high-safety, high-performance and high-comfort eVTOLs. Aerofugia is very much looking forward to joining hands with Sino Jets to integrate the industrial resources of both parties and promote the application of eVTOL in more commercial application scenarios."

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