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Leonardo milestone sees Rotortrade branch out into Airbus
Now an authorised reseller for Airbus pre-owned helicopters, Rotortrade is also celebrating the sale of its 100th pre-owned Leonardo.
The Helicopter Company subsidiary Rotortrade MEA is appointed as the authorised reseller for Airbus pre-owned civil helicopters.

Rotortrade MEA, a subsidiary of The Helicopter Company and branch of Rotortrade, has been appointed an authorised reseller for Airbus pre-owned civil helicopters. As such it will leverage its extensive network and expertise to provide customers globally with access to a wide range of Airbus pre-owned civil helicopters. This collaboration ensures that customers can benefit from the renowned quality and reliability of Airbus Helicopters, even in the pre-owned market.

The Helicopter Company CEO Arnaud Martinez and Rotortrade CEO Philippe Lubrano say: "We are honoured to be appointed as the authorised reseller for Airbus pre-owned civil helicopters. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers an exceptional selection of top-quality helicopters backed by Airbus's reputation for excellence. We are committed to delivering outstanding service and value to our customers reinforcing our position as a trusted and leading distributor in the helicopter industry."

“We have signed an agreement with Rotortrade MEA, a wholly owned subsidiary of THC, making it an authorised reseller for the pre-owned civil helicopter market. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration together to capture additional opportunities for our multi-mission helicopters," adds Airbus Helicopters EVP, global business Olivier Michalon.

Rotortrade has also marked a significant milestone with the sale of its 100th pre-owned Leonardo helicopter. The sole international distributor of Leonardo pre-owned helicopters, Rotortrade holds a long term agreement that extends until 2026, a collaboration that has been an important part in the growing success of Rotortrade in recent years. This strategic partnership enables Rotortrade to offer customers across the globe unparalleled access to premium pre-owned Leonardo Helicopters, all of which are supported by the OEM.

“Since the start of our collaboration with Rotortrade we have seen opportunities rapidly growing, delivering together the best solutions for those who seek for an ideal combination of affordability, capability and serviceability. We congratulate Rotortrade for its growth performance and look forward to continuing this partnership as the pre-owned market requirements evolve further, complementing the one for new helicopters.” says Leonardo SVP commercial market development and global accounts Paul de Jonge.

"We are proud to celebrate the sale of 100 pre-owned Leonardo Helicopters," adds Rotortrade EVP global sales Aurélien Blanc. "The remarkable success of our collaboration with Leonardo in selling premium quality helicopters, notably from the AW139 and AW109 families, enables us to pursue our vision of providing the best quality helicopters on the market. Working with Leonardo Helicopters ensures our customers receive the best support possible for the long run, significantly reducing the risk of acquisition."

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July 1, 2024
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June 11, 2024
Dedienne Aerospace will be there supporting Lilium’s engineering, ramp-up production and ground equipment availability for every flight and location.
Leonardo unveils VIP interiors for AW09
May 28, 2024
The premiere at EBACE paves the way for a demo tour of the mock-up across Europe in the summer, including locations such as Paris and London as well as attendance at some key exhibitions through to year-end.