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Redwings buys Jaunt Journey for high altitude ops
The Journey's main rotor technology ensures efficiency in vertical flight at high altitudes. Redwings has ordered ten for ops around Mexico City; 7,200 ft above sea level in a valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.
Redwings confirms the Journey's ability to operate in high altitude urban environments.

Business jet operator Redwings has signed a non binding letter of intent with Jaunt Air Mobility to purchase its Jaunt Journey eVTOL aircraft and launch a strategic collaboration in Mexico. Jaunt plans to support Redwings in its launch of an air taxi service in urban markets, beginning with Mexico City.

"The elevation of Mexico City at 7,349 ft is higher than Denver, Colorado and presents challenges for many VTOL aircraft operating at this altitude," says Redwings president Bernardo Moreno. "The Journey's highly efficient vertical flight capability enables this aircraft to operate at altitude with no performance limitations."

"We are excited to work with an outstanding team at Redwings to bring urban air mobility to cities in Mexico," adds Jaunt CCO Simon Briceno. "Our Jaunt Journey's exceptional main rotor technology with low rotor disc loading and tip speeds will provide Redwings with high efficiencies in vertical flight at high altitudes."

For more than a decade, Redwings has operated a fleet of aircraft and helicopters throughout the Americas and Europe, and it seeks a safe, low carbon footprint, high speed air transportation system for passengers and cargo. Redwings intends to purchase 10 Jaunt Journey aircraft with an option to purchase an additional 10 units.

"After researching many eVTOL aircraft, the Jaunt Journey offers the safest aircraft with low operational costs and, of course, the performance needed," says Moreno. "We will collaborate on operations, passenger experience, infrastructure and market education."

Dallas, Texas-headquartered Jaunt Air Mobility is developing and certifying the Jaunt Journey in Canada. These piloted aircraft will provide an affordable mode of transit for four passengers to commute in and around urban areas. In addition, the aircraft will be able to transport cargo with its unique reconfigurable design and be used for emergency services. The Journey's patented slowed-rotor compound technology offers a significant safety advantage allowing the aircraft to autorotate or glide to the ground in a controlled manner under a complete power loss.

As an all-electric aircraft, the Journey will produce zero emissions and be extremely quiet. Committed to sustainable values and environmental practices, Jaunt will utilise clean manufacturing, minimising energy and materials, and Jaunt anticipates that the aircraft will be over 90 per cent recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

"Jaunt now has customers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. At the end of the day, we are highly confident in the Journey's operational capabilities and our path to certification," says Briceno.

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