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EvFly signs with eVTOL flight simulator developer
EvFly is likely to be one of the first eVTOL commercial operators and, thinking ahead, it has selected FAST-Group to develop training devices for its eVTOL pilots.
FAST-Group is to help develop pilot training for EvFly's Prosperity I eVTOL aircraft.

AAM specialist EvFly has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with FAST-Group, a flight simulation startup based in Germany. The objective of this partnership is to work jointly on the AAM project and to provide the best equipment in terms of flight simulators and solutions for EvFly pilot training and its customers.

FAST-Group executive board member Till Borngräber says: “I am very pleased to name EvFly as one of FAST-Group's core partners in the eVTOL industry. EvFly promises to lead the industry as one of the first eVTOL commercial operators, and it shares our aim for the highest degree of safety and efficiency. We are proud to help it achieve this goal with our flight simulation training devices and pilot training concepts. As early birds in this industry, our joint venture will surely lay the foundation for many safe and promising eVTOL flights.”

By using the all-new mixed reality technology, pilot training will be improved in terms of safety, efficiency and time; this is exactly what EvFly is looking for.

EvFly founder and CEO Yannick Erbs says: "By choosing to partner with FAST-Group, we know that we are opting for the best in terms of flight simulators and training solutions, as its main objective is to further improve the efficiency and quality of training by providing us with the best customised solutions."

The eVTOL flight simulator is fitted with a motion platform to increase realism. Due to its compact design, it is not only easy to ship but also easy to install and maintain. Roll off/roll on capabilities ensure the interchangeability of a cockpit, increasing flexibility.

Singapore-based EvFly specialises in fleet management and operations for the new generation of eVTOL aircraft. The company is at the forefront of developing services in the field of advanced air mobility (AAM).

In early March this year, the company agreed to purchase 205 Prosperity I and Prosperity Cargo aircraft from AutoFlight. It plans to start operations in the Middle East, followed by Asia and Africa. The deal was signed following the then world's longest, remotely piloted Prosperity flight of 250km on a single charge of lithium-ion batteries.

In September 2022, EvFly placed an LoI plus deposits for between three and eight Axe aircraft from Skyfly Technologies. Delivery is expected in 2024 for operations initially in Thailand and then the rest of Asia. Previously it had also signed an LoI for the five seat hybrid-electric VTOL Atea from French start up Ascendance Flight Technologies, targeted for production in 2025.

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