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Blue Line signs dotted line for Piper fleet
Blue Line is replacing its existing single and multi-engine training fleet with 55 Archer TXs and Seminoles and has taken an option on 60 more. Deliveries begin later this year.
Deliveries of the Archer TX (pictured) and Seminole twin aircraft will begin in the second half of 2023.
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North Carolina-headquartered flight school Blue Line Aviation has signed a purchase agreement with Piper Aircraft for a large fleet of new aircraft. The long-term agreement includes a full replacement of its existing single and multi-engine fleet with both Archer TXs and Seminoles. This order consists of an initial firm commitment for 55 aircraft, with an additional 60 aircraft as options. Deliveries begin later this year.

Blue Line Aviation has catapulted to popularity over the past 10 years in business. It is best known for its six month Career Pilot Program, a career-driven programme awarding students certifications from Private Pilot through Multi Engine Instructor. Its primary flight training location is located at Johnston County airport in Smithfield.

The organisation has also expanded into a new Winter Haven Regional airport, Florida location. Its new Piper fleet will be utilised at both locations, and the transition from its existing fleet to an all-Piper fleet will take place over the next four years.

“Blue Line has a track record of delivering results and we rely on our partners to help us do so,” says founder Trey Walters. “Expanding our fleet partnership to Piper is a step towards reliably expanding our fleet rapidly to serve more students. We are further excited to be purchasing American made airplanes built in the great state of Florida, which we will soon be calling home.”

Deliveries of the Archer TX and Seminole aircraft will begin in the second half of 2023.

Blue Line Aviation has revolutionised the flight training market with its Career Pilot Program,” says Piper vice president of sales, marketing and customer support Ron Gunnarson. “We are honoured to have it joining our Piper Flight School Alliance, and we look forward to helping it grow its mission to provide timely, cost effective and thorough flight training in the world's finest training aircraft.”

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