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Asian Express lays down gauntlet with sizeable eVTOL order
Asian Express Aviation's low-altitude tourism market, which can cover more previously unexplored tourism markets, is burgeoning. The company has put pen to paper for 50 E20s, ideal for short distance travel.
Asian Express Aviation Group vice president Yang Li and chairman Liu Qing with TCab Tech founder and CEO Yon Wui Ng and co-founder and CMO Jiang Jun.

Asian Express Aviation has signed an intentional purchase order for 50 E20 eVTOL aircraft. Shanghai TCab Technology recently held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Asian Express to close the deal. Asia Jet Aviation chairman and CEO Liu Qing, Yang Li, Asian Express Aviation vice president Huang Yongwei, TCab Technology founder and CEO Huang Yongwei and co-founder and chief marketing officer Jiang Jun were all in attendance.

At the meeting, the two sides conducted detailed communication and exchanges on the eVTOL industry and the development potential of China's air traffic market. Asian Express Aviation fully recognised the E20 eVTOL product by TCab Technology and was particularly impressed by four key features of the E20 eVTOL:

- The aircraft is suitable for short-distance air travel of 30-150 kilometres, it can be used as a supplement to existing means of transportation, and it is also an excellent extension to the current short-distance transportation and low-altitude tourist aviation business of AJET.

- The operating price, the cost of the aircraft and subsequent operation and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced. When operating on a large scale, the price that users need to pay will be around the same as that for a taxi.

- Flight noise can be integrated into the background noise of the city so as not to bother residents and be more conducive to operations.

- It is faster than other eVTOL configurations, with an economical cruising speed of 260 km/h and a maximum cruising speed of 320 km/h, to help users reach their destination faster.

Through the strategic cooperation with TCab Technology, Asian Express Aviation will combine the resource advantages of existing routes and aviation bases to open up more low-altitude operation markets. The first stage is fully integrated with the company's low-altitude tourism market, which can cover more previously unexplored tourism markets; the second stage expands travel between cities, and Asian Express Aviation's current short-distance transport flight business with a distance of 300-500 kilometres form intermodal transportation; the third stage expands to urban travel, providing safe and convenient air travel services for the public. In the future, Asian Express Aviation will also serve as the MRO service provider of the E20 eVTOL, providing customers with services such as repair, training and maintenance.

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