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FL3XX partnership with VOO will increase efficiency
FL3XX integrates the workflow of an aircraft operator from sales, scheduling and dispatch to training, reporting and maintenance management. Working with VOO enables users to generate accurate quotes.

VOO, a B2B private jet marketplace that delivers instant bookings, has integrated with aviation management platform FL3XX. This integration covers the key functionalities to make charter sales more efficient and is said to facilitate traceable, effortless and flawless operations leading to instant bookings.

By synchronising the schedule with VOO, users are able to search, book and pay for all their charters based on accurate and real-time information. FL3XX automatically sends all booked flights to VOO, delivering real-time availability and aircraft location information that VOO uses to calculate and provide accurate and valid charter prices. Additionally, operators can synchronise each VOO booking with FL3XX to receive the same benefit. FL3XX bookings can be processed in FL3XX and VOO bookings at without conflicts with aircraft availability.

FL3XX integrates the entire workflow of an aircraft operator from sales, scheduling and dispatch all the way to training, reporting and maintenance management. By delivering solid value in quoting, charter sales, scheduling, flight and duty logging, invoicing, customer management and reporting, FL3XX increases bottom line efficiency of any flight operator by more than 20 per cent. For its part, VOO calculates accurate quotes, so brokers can book instantly and payments can be made 24/7 with VOOpay, even on weekends and holidays, all with maximum speed and high security of data transfer.

“We are excited about our new partnership with VOO, which will enhance our FL3XX users’ charter sales experience by providing greater efficiency and flexibility. With this collaboration, syncing the operator’s schedule with VOO’s marketplace is now a breeze, making the sales operation more streamlined and seamless than ever before. We look forward to the possibilities this partnership will bring for our valued users,” says FL3XX co-founder and CEO Paolo Sommariva.

“We are proud that FL3XX is the first flight management system connected to VOO. By synchronising the schedule, the availability of our FL3XX operators is now automatically displayed on VOO in real time. We are very grateful to Paolo Sommariva and his team for their support and collaboration and are excited about the added value this partnership will bring to VOO users,” comments Robert Plhak, CEO at VOO flights.

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