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MySky auto-quote shares quotes within seconds
Quote addresses three major pain points faced daily by operators; profitability, business scalability and cost savings. Adding automation reduces the amount of times it takes for operators to provide customer quotes.
The auto-quote feature enables operators to turn requests into profit.

Spend management platform MySky is introducing auto-quoting to its Quote product for EMEA customers. Since its launch, MySky Quote has been delivering cost estimates and charter pricing to private jet charter operators, providing them with visibility of the profit margin for each fight. As a standalone product, or fully integrated with scheduling software, MySky Quote is a simple and intuitive platform. The addition of auto-quote automates the quoting process, removing the need for human interaction, automatically sharing quotes with requestors in seconds.

Co-founder Chris Marich states: “It's impossible for business aviation charter operators to confidently forecast profits without accounting for every cost associated with a flight, which is why Quote is such a valuable tool. Moreover, in a market where the conversion rate of all received requests is below two per cent, automation frees up resources and enables operators to focus on areas that will increase their revenues.

“Having full visibility in seconds allows for proactive revenue management, optimising margins, income and profitability. MySky Quote is a near plug and play product and with a two-hour set up time, business aviation charter operators can have access to intelligence and technology that has typically been the preserve of larger corporations.”

Quote addresses three major pain points faced daily by operators; profitability, business scalability and cost savings. It integrates real-time flight data to have almost instantaneous visibility of every cost associated with a flight, providing financial clarity and confidence for the operator or owner in the management of their aircraft. Less time can be spent on manually processing flight requests and be used to focus on building valuable relationships with customers and generating increased business opportunities.

One of MySky's customers is Madrid-based Gestair. Charter director Marta Bravo Guerra notes: “MySky Quote ensures we can supply reliable data to our customers. We have seen first-hand how Quote can save us time and help us stay ahead of the competition. We are able to use this tool to achieve fast, efficient quoting for our clients and execute a high level of service. The power of the auto-quote feature is enabling us to book trips with Quote and turn requests into profit.”

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