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Nostalgia abounds as Tetzlaff returns to Enstrom
Todd Tetzlaff first set foot in Enstrom's Menominee, Michigan factory more than three decades ago when, while still a college student, he spent a summer working in the engineering department. He's back as president.
Todd Tetzlaff has a close affinity with Enstrom.

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation is entering a new era of growth and expansion with new leadership at the helm by welcoming Todd Tetzlaff back to the fold as president.

Tetzlaff is no stranger to the company. He first set foot in the Menominee, Michigan factory more than three decades ago when, while still a college student, he spent a summer working in the engineering department. After graduating, he spent the first part of his career at Enstrom, playing an integral role in designing the T-T strap installation, which is still used by the company today.

He left Enstrom to pursue other engineering positions at companies such as Boeing and Raytheon (Hawker 4000), but he never lost touch with his former team members. He returned to Enstrom for seven years in the early 2000s, acting as the flight test engineering manager. Tetzlaff then spent the next 15 years developing his leadership skills at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, most recently serving as a project certification specialist.

He says he was struck by new owner Chuck Surack's passion for helicopters and the Enstrom brand, and he knew he wanted to be a part of that. “Chuck is committed to moving the company forward,” he says. “It is great to be back with my Enstrom family.”

Current president Matt Francour adds: “I think Todd is the perfect choice to lead Enstrom into this new era. He not only brings extensive aviation knowledge and experience, but also a deep love for and history with the company.”

Matt plans to begin his retirement in late April 2023, at which time he'll officially pass the torch to Todd. “Matt has mentored me ever since I first arrived at Enstrom,” Todd goes on to say. “His guidance has been invaluable as I prepare to take the lead, and I am forever grateful.

“Enstrom has a rich history going back more than 60 years. There's something to be said about that in this industry. Many great aircraft companies have come and gone in that time. We are still here, and we plan to be for a very long time.”

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