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LCI commits to Elroy VTOL with order for up to 40
The agreement with lessor LCI means the Chaparral will be available for financing, enabling much broader access to the aircraft and accelerating its entry into the global market.
The Chaparral is designed for aerial transport of up to 500 lbs (225 kgs) of goods over a 300 nm range.

LCI, a leading aviation lessor and a subsidiary of Libra Group, is to acquire up to 40 Chaparral (VTOL) aircraft from autonomous cargo aircraft systems developer Elroy Air. Under the terms of the deposit-backed agreement, LCI will initially acquire 20 aircraft with an option for a total of up to 40 units. The VTOL aircraft are currently under development at Elroy Air's facility in South San Francisco in California.

This comes after a previous LCI order for between 50 up to 125 Alia-250 eVTOL aircraft from Beta Technologies placed in April 2022.

The Chaparral is designed for aerial transport of up to 500 lbs (225 kgs) of goods over a 300 nm range. This is enabled initially by a turbine-based hybrid-electric powertrain with distributed electrical propulsion and specially designed aerodynamic modular cargo pods.

Its applications include safe, efficient and cost-effective aerial cargo transport for commercial logistics, disaster relief, firefighting and humanitarian operations without risk to pilots or the need for airport infrastructure.

LCI CEO Jaspal Jandu says: “This commitment for the pioneering Chaparral system will enable us to efficiently support mission critical, remote logistical work and socially responsible humanitarian efforts around the world. It will do so in complement with the wide-ranging capabilities of our existing aviation fleet.

“We have been impressed with Elroy Air's vision and approach and look forward to working closely with the team on a wide range of opportunities. This forms part of our wider advanced air mobility strategy and will strengthen LCI's position as a leading provider of leasing, financing and investing solutions for this new and exciting market.”

Elroy Air CEO and co-founder David Merrill adds: “We're experiencing an enthusiastic response to the Chaparral and its capabilities to serve as a key part of a safe, efficient and capable fleet of aircraft to respond in emergency situations, protect pilots and enable rapid logistics in a new and sustainable way.

“Through our agreement with LCI the Chaparral will be available for financing, enabling much broader access to the aircraft. We are proud that the Chaparral will now be part of LCI's aviation fleet and look forward to providing aerial cargo transport globally.”

The VTOL aircraft will complement LCI's existing fleet of modern helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. In addition, LCI and its parent company Libra Group, whose subsidiaries own and operate assets in approximately 60 countries, plan to share commercial, financial and end-user expertise with Elroy Air through well-established industry networks.

Libra Group chairman and CEO George Logothetis says: “We are proud of LCI's partnership with Elroy Air, which further accelerates the Chaparral's entry into the global market. Bridging the present with the future requires novel partnerships such as these where established industry leaders join with innovators to make paradigm-shifting technologies a reality.

“Our group is committed to leveraging our global platform to catalyse the uptake of sustainable innovations across our six sectors, and we look forward to sharing many future-focused partnerships to come.”

LCI maintains a growing, sustainable and future-focused fleet of young, modern aviation assets that are leased to major operators and end-users around the world. Many are deployed on mission critical and socially responsible sectors such as emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR), and offshore wind energy.

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