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US congresswoman flies with Skyryse light automation tech
FlightOS is a computer that knows how to fly; it automates actions and keeps pilots within the flight envelope. Representative Brownley, who is not a trained pilot, learned how to use it in minutes.
Ventura and LA County congresswoman Julia Brownley flies an R44 using Skyryse technology.
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US-based flight automation company SkyRyse recently demonstrated its technology to US House Representative Julia Brownley, who represents California's 26th congressional district encompassing most of Ventura County and a portion of Los Angeles County, and sits on the Aviation Subcommittee of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. She has been a steadfast champion of strengthening local transportation infrastructure, reducing traffic and improving air travel.

"Having a computer that knows exactly how to fly just completely enhances aviation to a level that we've never seen before," she says.

SkyRyse aims to transform safety for all pilots in the general aviation segment with its flagship technology FlightOS. The technology removes the complex controls in a typical cockpit, reducing many of the complexities of flying, and is designed to safely manage the aircraft through emergencies and almost all weather conditions. FlightOS leverages fly-by-wire hardware and software that automates most actions, increases interoperability across aircraft and automatically keeps pilots within a safe flight envelope so they can fly without worry. Representative Brownley, who is not a trained pilot, was able to learn how to use it in mere minutes.

"Rep Brownley sees the same aviation future that we do: one where the pilot is still in charge, but technology makes flying significantly easier and safer," says SkyRyse founder and CEO Mark Groden. "It was thrilling to watch her using FlightOS as we get closer to bringing this game-changing technology to aircraft operators of all experience levels."

SkyRyse has tripled its headcount over the past year, including the hire of its first chief financial officer and appointing a new chief operating officer, a VP of product and marketing, and a head of test flight operations. The company has secured partnerships with many of the world's largest fixed wing and rotorcraft original equipment manufacturers, which collectively produce over half of the world's new general aviation aircraft. Most recently, it has partnered with air medical transport company Air Methods to retrofit more than 400 single engine helicopters and fixed wing aircraft with FlightOS.

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