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Moove launches smart pricing and empty leg finder
French start up Moove if offering to fill empty leg flights on its SaaS platform. Its portal is available to operators and airports alike.
Founder Arthur Ingles.
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France-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup Moove is now offering a smart empty leg finder within its platform. Offered to operators and airports in SaaS-mode and displayed through its booking portal, customers can now book flights or empty legs based on similar routes. The startup aims to optimise operators' direct sales and improve the customer experience.

This latest portal evolution is now available to all operators to integrate on their own website. It provides clients with real-time planning and dynamic pricing.

"Direct sales are the main net margin lever for operators, and we come with the best technology for them," says founder Arthur Ingles. "Nobody needs to fly from Lyon to Derby tomorrow at 10:00; current empty leg marketplaces and standard marketing solutions are unable to match demand. But requests may arise for a stop along the way, as all brokers know."

The company has included broker intelligence coupled with recalculation algorithms to capture empty legs passing nearby. Operators can now price up similar one way flights based on matching scores, which could increase the chances of selling their empty legs.

Moove is also offering its solution to airport operators and has been selected by French airport manager Edeis as a platform to highlight all local take offs to its business communities.

"Within only eight months of starting up, we have achieved a market penetration that few would have imagined," says Ingles. "We are now putting our startup in a position to deliver the flight distribution system of the future."

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