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THC protects incoming ACH160 fleet with HCare
With the helicopter industry expanding in the kingdom, THC is facing high demand from clients for safe, reliable services. The PBH solution will cover scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events for its ACH160 fleet.
THC's six corporate transport ACH160s will be covered by the HCare contract.
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Saudi Arabia-based The Helicopter Company (THC) has signed an HCare In-Service contract to cover its future fleet of six ACH160 helicopters, for which it placed an order in December 2021. It already has a contract covering its H145 fleet, taken out last month.

When delivered, the ACH160s will be deployed across the Kingdom for corporate transportation services. The HCare In-Service package has been tailored to THC's planned operational needs, providing parts availability services to optimise maintenance planning and service delivery.

“With the helicopter industry expanding in the kingdom, THC is facing high demand from clients for high quality, safe and reliable services,” says CEO Capt Arnaud Martinez. “Our agreement with Airbus will help us to ensure the needs of our esteemed clients are met.”

“Our newly launched HCare support and services packages are all about enhancing each individual customer's performance and safety, while optimising costs and protecting the asset's value,'' adds Airbus executive vice president of customer support and services Christoph Zammert. “This Part-By-the-Hour (PBH) solution will cover all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events for THC's entire fleet of ACH160s in one single contract, helping it perform its daily missions safely and effectively.”

Launching its services in 2019, THC was established by PIF (the Public Investment Fund) as part of its strategy to activate new sectors in Saudi Arabia that support the realisation of Vision 2030 and generate long-term commercial returns, while meeting the growing demand for luxury tourism and air travel services. THC previously signed agreements to buy 10 Airbus H125s and 20 H145s to be deployed across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for aerial work and HEMS.

HCare In-Service is one of the three flexible solutions included in the new HCare offer, which also includes HCare Initial and HCare Lifetime. For specific fleets, HCare First is available for Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) aircraft and HCare Classics for the out-of-production legacy fleet, which includes H120, Dauphin, Puma and Gazelle models.

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