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Hourly costs stabilise, according to JetASAP report
September to October's hourly rate data shows that JetASAP flyers have experienced an overall average price increase of just one per cent in the lead up to the winter holiday season.

US-based charter marketplace JetASAP has reported that trip requests submitted by flyers through its app have increased substantially in the first week of November ahead of what it anticipates being a very busy holiday season. JetASAP clients receive an average of six quotes per trip request and may begin receiving quotes as quickly as five minutes from the request.

Following an overall 11 per cent hourly rate decrease through the summer months, JetASAP flyers are seeing a one per cent overall average increase in hourly rate prices as the industry moves into peak season and holiday travel. This is balanced primarily between the larger 12 per cent increase in hourly rates for heavy jets and 10 per cent decrease in hourly rates for turboprops. To a lesser extent, light jets saw a six per cent increase and midsize jets saw a three per cent decrease, while super mids remained relatively unchanged.

This pricing data is based on 1,965 quotes received by flyers through the JetASAP app from September through to October 2022. All average hourly rates are based on actual occupied passenger flight hours from take off to landing. Hourly rates are 'all in' and include federal excise tax (FET), fuel surcharges, as well as daily minimums, if applicable.

Recent examples of quotes received by flyers through JetASAP include:

Oxford, Mississippi to Denver, Colorado (turboprop) Pilatus PC-12 @ $15,963

Miami, Florida to Savannah, Georgia (turboprop) King Air 90 @ $8,260

Stuart, Florida to Syracuse, New York (light jet) CJ3 @ $13,881

Cleveland, Ohio to Naples, Florida (light jet) Citation I/SP @ $17,780

Chicago, Illinois to Belmar, New Jersey (midsize jet) Hawker 800XP @ $12,352

Bozeman, Montana to Charlotte, North Carolina (midsize jet) Learjet 60 @ $27,278

Sherman, Texas to New Orleans, LA (super mid jet) Falcon 50 @ $15,000

Reno, Nevada to Wilmington, North Carolina (super mid jet) Hawker 1000 @ $38,620

Indianapolis, Indiana to Miami, Florida (heavy jet) Legacy 600 2 $35,550

Munich, German to Chicago, Illinois (heavy jet) Gulfstream 450 2 $125,820.

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