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FlyJets debuts green mobile scheduling app
The FlyJets charter booking engine has automated both outright charter availability and empty legs on a point-to-point basis, anywhere in the world. Membership is free.
FlyJets founder and CEO Jessica Fisher.

US aviation marketplace and travel planning system FlyJets has launched its mobile application with automated scheduling, FlyCalendar and FlyGreen features.

The FlyJets system leverages automation and technology-enabled network effects to facilitate the most affordable charter rates available and enables travellers to take full advantage of empty leg discounts. The system functions as a two-sided marketplace and search engine: aircraft providers upload aircraft and availability information, and flyers can select and book specific aircraft and routes in real time. The FlyJets team provides 24/7 booking support and, as an IATA-registered travel agency, full travel planning services.

“We anticipate that this new version release will provide tremendous value for our network members,” says founder and chief executive officer Jessica Fisher. “FlyJets' automated scheduling system creates a much less work-intensive, more scalable system for aircraft providers (operators, owners and managers) to publicise available inventory.”

FlyJets' FlyGreen system has been fully automated in conjunction with FlyRewards, so that when flyers purchase carbon offsets, the additional FlyRewards received, above the amount granted with each successful booking, are automatically reflected in their mobile dashboards. FlyJets intends to expand its automated FlyGreen offering to accommodate electric flight, sustainable aviation fuel (and SAF redemptions) and other green alternatives in the future.

The FlyCalendar feature functions as a volume aggregator to facilitate what the company refers to as 'in-network empty leg match ups' and group-booking opportunities.

“Upon successful match up, each flyer party typically saves 30 to 50 per cent per charter, given the routing efficiencies simultaneously created for aircraft providers,” adds Fisher. “Essentially, it's a win-win for everyone.”

Often, when a charter aircraft is booked for a round trip flight, the aircraft does not stay at the destination airport; rather it flies to and from its home base location after passengers are dropped off. Thus, a two leg trip is often a four leg trip. This unlocks two additional one way flights, which FlyJets leverages to help flyers get to their destination in a faster, more affordable and more sustainable way.

FlyJets' membership is free, with no upfront payment required until booking. As always, users can directly book round trip, one way and group charters on available aircraft and featured charter routes. With each successful booking, FlyJets members earn FlyRewards, or currency-equivalent points towards future flights, plus additional rewards in exchange for flying green via the FlyGreen programme. FlyJets' FlyGreen and FlyRewards programmes are fully automated in the mobile app and online, incentivising travellers to help pave the way for a more sustainable and accessible air travel industry.

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