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CL605 addition expands GainJet air ambulance services
GainJet aims to cover air ambulance needs across the the Middle East with its Kuwait-based CL605, in addition to its Europe-based CL604 service. It also plans a further CL605 fleet addition to extend cover to Africa.
First officer Konstantinos Flamis, accountable manager Simon Roussos, cabin crew manager Katerina Nikolaidou and cabin crew member Violeta Raseva welcome the air ambulance Challenger 605 to Athens.
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Greece-based operator GainJet Aviation Group has added another air ambulance dedicated aircraft to its fleet, a Bombardier Challenger CL605. SX-DHA is the third air ambulance aircraft acquired by GainJet, joining other specially equipped medevac CL604s within the operator's fleet.

CEO Captain Ramsey Shaban says: “We've been involved in air ambulance services for almost 10 years now, and we continuously strive to improve our capabilities and services. Hence why we decided that now is the time to acquire an additional air ambulance aircraft, taking it one step further and going the extra mile with the CL605.”

With one of the widest cabins in its category, the aircraft has been specially configured to comfortably host seven passengers including medical staff, in addition to the patient, for their family to be able to accompany them. The aircraft has been equipped with a medical stretcher system with all the necessary equipment required for patient care.

“The Bombardier CL605 as our choice aircraft for operating our air ambulance missions should come as no surprise. For mission success, dispatch reliability is key. The Challenger has not disappointed us all these years. Furthermore, the space and height of the cabin provides room for the medical team to ensure patient care. Additionally, the aircraft's intercontinental range allows us to take patients to where they need to get to with the least inconvenience as possible. All these are key factors for mission success,” says accountable manager Simon Roussos. “Couple that with our professional medical team and highly skilled crew that are readily available 24/7, and mission success is further enhanced.”

The CL605 air ambulance aircraft will be based in Kuwait to primarily serve the Middle East market, being in close proximity to many countries in the Levant and GCC regions. With the CL604 aircraft being based between Greece and other European stations, the operator hopes to cover air ambulance needs across the region.

Roussos continues: “As we expand our air ambulance fleet, we are seeking to cover a broader range of markets in order to be ready and available for the patient's convenience. Being in close proximity is part of our service improvement. In general, across all our services, GainJet's target markets are Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We have Europe and the Middle East covered with our current air ambulance fleet bases. It is our hope, and within our future plans, to add another CL605 air ambulance aircraft to the fleet, with a base in Africa, filling the gap that exists at the moment.”

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