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Transport Canada certifies a third PW800 series engine
Type certification of the PW812GA engine is a critical milestone for P&WC in the Gulfstream G400 programme. When it enters into service, the G400 will be the third Gulfstream aircraft to rely on the PW800 engine family.
Transport Canada Civil Aviation has type certified Pratt & Whitney’s PW812GA engine.

Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW800 engine programme has reached a key milestone with the type certification of its PW812GA engine by Transport Canada Civil Aviation. The PW812GA has been selected to power the Gulfstream G400 business jet.

“We worked closely with Transport Canada to create an efficient and thorough certification process that successfully led us to this point,” says P&WC president Maria Della Posta. “When it enters into service, the G400 will be the third Gulfstream aircraft to rely on our PW800 engine family. We are gratified by the steady progress the PW800 engine family has achieved based on its ability to deliver a new level of performance and efficiency to the large cabin business aircraft class.”

The PW814GA-powered G500 entered into service in September 2018 followed by the PW815GA-powered G600 in August 2019.

The PW800 is the most modern, efficient and environmentally responsible engine in its class. Using the most sustainable and high-performance technologies, the engine offers double-digit improvements in fuel burn, emissions, maintenance intervals and noise. The engine also incorporates the latest generation of technologies in every aspect, from advanced design to innovative maintenance functionality. For those aboard the aircraft, it provides an unmatched experience with an exceptionally quiet and comfortable cabin, making it the quietest engine in its class. The PW800 engine shares a common core with the Pratt & Whitney GTF commercial jet engine, which has flown more than 2.2 million hours since launch in 2016.

The PW812GA showed exceptional performance during testing with more than 3,400 hours of engine testing, including 260 hours of flight testing. Across the PW800 family, more than 175,000 hours of testing and field experience have been achieved. The PW814GA and PW815GA engines have flown more than 144,000 hours since entering into service.

“When we designed the PW800 engine, we did so with all of the engine's key stakeholders in mind; passengers, pilots and maintenance crews,” says vice president, engineering Edward Hoskin. “The PW800 has numerous inherent advantages and functionalities to ensure best-in-class availability and to create an exceptional engine response. It also sets the industry standard for maintenance, requiring 40 per cent less scheduled maintenance and 20 per cent fewer inspections than other engines in its class.”

Operators of PW800-powered engines can also benefit from Pratt & Whitney's ESP engine maintenance programme, that offers exclusive personalised premium service for the engine's maintenance and support needs any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

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