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Aircraft brokerage ArcosJet joins EBAA
EBAA membership allows ArcosJet to join forces with colleagues to develop business aviation as a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly business tool.
Founder and CEO Mikhail Alenkin.

Dubai-based aircraft brokerage firm ArcosJet has become a member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). An active player in the European market, ArcosJet shares the association's key values and views on the future of the industry in the region.

ArcosJet provides highly professional support in the purchase and sale of executive aircraft to customers all over the world. Adhering to the latest and best business standards and practices, the company is committed to growing a global network of professional ties.

“Professionalism, transparency, ethics, high business standards and sustainable development have always been ArcosJet's priorities in its operations and relations with clients and partners. Our EBAA membership will allow us to join forces with hundreds of our colleagues in the professional community in developing business aviation as a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly business tool,” says CEO and founder Mikhail Alenkin.

Traditionally committed to fostering a transparent and friendly business environment in the industry, ArcosJet surveys the market regularly, sharing the findings with the business community. The company's specialists appear at EBAA exhibitions and conferences along with other industry events across the world, and build professional ties and discuss pressing matters at its own events such as Epic Night by ArcosJet and Aviation Design Cocktail.

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