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WOA enhances member and handling offerings
WingsOverAsia has rebranded its ClubWOA membership services into two distinct memberships, WOA Flying Club and ClubWOA Social, and it has introduced enhancements to its handling services at Seletar airport.
WOA founder Yeow Meng.

WingsOverAsia first launched ClubWOA as an exclusive flying network offering members a platform to connect, network and exchange ideas. The membership network has since grown into a robust social network with members across Asia, with a focus on aviation, travel and lifestyle. Due to its commercial success, the membership network is separating into two discrete entities to distinguish its services more effectively: WOA Flying Club and ClubWOA Social.

WOA Flying Club is an aviator's club that focuses on flight training and aircraft owner/pilot support services. The club connects aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, corporate flight departments and aircraft owners into a social network.

Latest introductions exclusive to the club include the launch of WingsOverAsia's Singapore private pilot license (PPL) programme with a refreshed syllabus, the addition of Diamond DA40 single-engine and DA42/DA62 twin engine aircraft to the WOA training fleet and the incorporation of flight instructors with overseas flight training experience into WOA pilot programmes. Members will also be able to enjoy private jet charter services at preferential rates. The introductions will allow for a more curated aviation experience for WOA Flying Club members, who can now benefit from a customised journey based on their preferences.

ClubWOA Social is an aviation-themed social lifestyle club focusing on hospitality and event services. Members enjoy access to all-inclusive perks, leisure experiences and exclusive content and opportunities ranging from yachting trips to private networking events.

New additions to the club facilities include enhancements to the food and beverage menu and related services, as well as improvements to the environment and amenities of the club lounge. Members may anticipate an elevated enjoyable experience when visiting ClubWOA and greater value from their membership attributable to these upgrades. With the enhancements, ClubWOA will further its role as a premier destination for business and leisure aviation enthusiasts, hosting leading entertainment and networking events in the region.

A twofold increase in demand for WOA's ground handling services has also prompted equipment and hospitality services enhancements. Recent expansions include additional tow tractors for mid-size business jets, additional ground support equipment for more efficient jet handling turnaround times, a new tow bar-less tow truck for safely handling large business jets such as Boeing Business Jets and Airbus Corporate Jets, as well as a doubled manpower headcount and VIP passenger and luggage handling vehicles for faster passenger departure and arrival clearance.

With these enhancements, WingsOverAsia aims to provide both private aviation members and business jet operators with a richer experience, add value across its service delivery platform and transform the aviation experience at every customer touchpoint. The business has already experienced some early success with its offerings and intends to keep extending its reach throughout Asia.

Established in 2009, WingsOverAsia says it is the first integrated private aviation service provider and developer in Asia. It shares years of history prior to its inception, dating back to 2003. After returning from the USA with a private pilot license, founder Yeow Meng began using his social networking technology skills to launch Asia's first online private aviation blog to share his leisure flying adventures all over Asia. The blog further morphed into an interactive social networking portal, and offline membership services such as flying tours, aviation lifestyle events and aircraft sales cum delivery support began to emerge. Decades later, it has expanded into what is now known as WingsOverAsia.