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DRF Bremen signs off last EC145 and welcomes replacement
DRF's last EC145 has served its Bremen base well and saved many lives, but it is now replaced by the H145, which will be especially suitable for critical transports between clinics.
The Bremen crew are sad to see the EC145 go but excited to put the new Christoph Weser H145 into action.
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Germany-based air rescue service DRF Luftrettung has decommissioned the last EC145 in its fleet. The helicopter has been replaced at its Bremen station by an H145 that has been operating under the name Christoph Weser since the beginning of August. The glass cockpit of the new helicopter, with large screens, a powerful autopilot and a new interior concept in the cabin, make the crew's work easier and contribute to even better patient care.

"We say goodbye to the helicopter with a little nostalgia," says station manager and pilot Ingo Reckermann. “The EC145 has served us well and saved many lives. But of course we are very happy to have the H145 here in Bremen, the most modern helicopter currently used in air rescue. Based on enthusiastic reports from colleagues at other bases who have been using it for a while, we are very excited to see how it will fly. It is already clear that the new Christoph Weser is particularly suitable for the tasks of this area, especially the highly demanding transports between clinics.”

The pilots can use the weather radar to identify rapidly changing weather conditions at an early stage and the four-axis autopilot can automatically take over control functions, making Christoph Weser's life-saving missions even safer. The encased tail rotor, the so-called fenestron, also catches the eye: it is quieter, better protected against damage and offers rescue workers on the ground more safety.

DRF Luftrettung welcomed the EC145 into its fleet in 2003 as the most modern helicopter of its time, especially for critical transports between clinics. The company continually strives to advance development of emergency medical care for its patients so as of today, part of the fleet renewal is completed with the replacement of all its EC145s with the successor model H145.

The Bremen helicopter is ready for action every day from 8.00 in the morning until sunset and is manned by experienced pilots, emergency doctors and paramedics. Christoph Weser is on call for urgent transports of intensive care patients between clinics and as a rapid emergency doctor shuttle in emergencies. The crews can reach deployment locations within a radius of 60 kilometres in a maximum of 15 minutes flight time. There has been an intensive care transport helicopter stationed at Bremen airport since 2009.

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December 5, 2022
The Swiss Air-Rescue Service Rega has topped up its order of nine five-bladed H145s with another for 12. They will operate from its mountain bases, replacing the current fleet of AW109SP DaVinci helicopters.
THC contracts HCare in-service and Safran SBH support
November 10, 2022
The Airbus part-by-the-hour package will cover all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events for THC’s entire H145 fleet in one single contract, and Safran will offer support-by-the-hour engine MRO cover.
DRF orders two H145s and a Connected Service package
November 10, 2022
The two H145s will join the current fleet of 15 H145s and three H135s that were ordered in 2020, and will be delivered by the end of 2024. They form part of DRF's BK117 and EC145 replacement programme.