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Pilot shortage fuels CrewBlast potential
Competition from commercial airlines has left a lack of corporate pilots to staff private and charter aircraft, so demand has skyrocketed on the CrewBlast staffing platform.

US technology-based aircraft staffing company CrewBlast has seen its growth surge as a pilot shortage around the world continues to stress the aviation industry. As demand for travel continues to grow from pandemic-era lows, commercial airlines are struggling to keep pace with demand and simply don't have enough staff to crew their flights.

In situations like these the commercial airliners often seek to recruit qualified pilots from the private or corporate aviation industry, luring them with a more fixed schedule and good benefits despite a lower rate in pay. The result is a lack of corporate pilots to staff private and charter aircraft.

“We've seen demand really skyrocket on the platform,” says president Timothy Griffin. “With CrewBlast, private aircraft can get their staffing needs met faster and more efficiently than ever before, and it's proving to be critical for many operators and aircraft owners now more than ever.”

For the ultra-wealthy and private corporate travellers, CrewBlast is turning into a sort of ride sharing app service. When needing to staff a last-minute trip, users open the app, enter their itinerary details and can send a blast out to all available crew who can respond instantaneously to the request.

Launched last year, CrewBlast already operates around the globe. In addition to its staffing app, it regularly releases industry data on its website, such as prevailing staffing rates and top aircraft type requests. The app is currently available in both the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

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