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Bertelsmann's fleet features digital-only cockpits
Aspiring to be climate neutral by 2030, Bertelsmann has gone paperless in the cockpits of its corporate aircraft and become the first certified business jet operator in Germany to achieve fully paperless flight operations.
Corporate pilot and managing director of flight operations Marcus Brunninger.
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Germany-based media, services and education company Bertelsmann has been working with Collins Aerospace for more than a decade to implement various flight support services targeted at the business jet market. Working closely with the sales and marketing team at Collins, its corporate pilot and managing director of flight operations Marcus Brunninger has regularly learned of new cost-effective and efficient solutions for his company's fleet of two Dassault Falcon 2000LXS aircraft.

“Working with Collins over the years has been mutually beneficial as it has helped us discover the best digital solutions to our problems,” he says. “We've come to trust the ongoing guidance and support from its knowledgeable business aviation professionals.”

Most recently, after implementing ARINCDirect's iPad-accessible flight planning tools and Flight Operations System (FOS) available from Collins, all of Bertelsmann's flight data and reports are now accessible and securely stored in one easy-to-access online location rather than requiring printed copies in the cockpit.

Customers in the commercial and business aviation space have been calling for a digital transformation to improve efficiency and safety. Paper documents produce excess waste and quickly become outdated. By contrast, implementing digital solutions can reduce that waste, enhance sustainability efforts and offer real-time data for flight planning.

“We designed these applications to help operators like Bertelsmann's flight ops group make flight planning easier and more efficient, cut costs and reduce their environmental footprint,” says Collins Aerospace head of business aviation sales Mike Shearer. “As Collins continues to drive digitisation in the aviation industry, we congratulate companies like Bertelsmann that are taking clear actions towards a safer and more sustainable future.” 

ARINCDirect's iPad-accessible flight planning tools are designed for in-flight use by crew with or without internet connectivity. They enable quick access to everything from flight plans, weight and balance calculations, weather data and the recently added oceanic plotting feature. FOS streamlines flight operations by gathering all a pilot or crew's necessary information in one place without any repeated data entry, saving time and money. Collins regularly adds capability to existing products and brings new digital products to market in support of aviation's sustainability objectives.

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