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China honours Sino Jet for sustainability initiatives
Receiving dual honorary awards is recognition of Sino Jet's perseverance and strength in promoting green aviation and digitalisation in the business jet industry, says the company.
Sino Jet is 2022's role model for sustainability and the most transformational leader in digitalisation.

During the 11th China Finance Summit 2022 (CFS) in July, the '2022 Role Model of Sustainability' and '2022 The Most Transformational Leadership of Digitalisation' honorary awards were conferred upon business aviation services company Sino Jet for its efforts in combining green aviation with digitalisation in order to enhance long term sustainability.

The CFS collaborates and exchanges ideas with financial enterprises and social media companies. Award winners were selected by a committee of industrial experts, social media leaders and research organisations based on innovation, responsibility, influence, growth and prescience.

Sino Jet has operated the largest fleet in the Asia Pacific region over the past few years. In June this year it operated the first carbon neutral business jet flight in China when taking delivery of a Falcon 7X. It then looked into and quantified the carbon emissions of all operations across 2021 and found the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to be 31,612.14 tons. Having identified fuel burn as the major source of emissions, of which aviation fuel accounted for 88.53 per cent, the company said it would look to acquire efficient business jets, enhance fuel utilisation efficiency and construct a green aviation system.

After the Chinese Government released its goal of reaching carbon peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, Sino Jet put carbon management into practice through digitalisation, sustainable energy applications, green office buildings, green transportation, green supply chain and carbon offset. It was the first Chinese business jet operator to offer its own carbon neutral plan for achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.

It has reached an agreement with China National Aviation Fuel Group to be the pilot client for SAF at all domestic airports and also pledges to opt for SAF wherever possible. It will also encourage aircraft manufacturers, fuel suppliers, airports and ground transportation companies to jointly explore more ways to reduce carbon emissions and conserve energy.

The company has been mapping out digitalisation since 2015, and now it has set up a software development subsidiary to integrate all aircraft operations systems, including the maintenance and engineering management systems, safety management system, flight record system and bookkeeping system. Clients should be able to obtain instant, up-to-date flight ops information, as well as any messages relevant to the full life cycle of their aircraft, helping to maximise the best value of the assets.

Along side this, Sino Jet has started a 'time journey' campaign with a number of hotels and restaurants to come up with green menus for private jet clients, and it has been working with the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation as a 'life enhancing' ambassador.

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