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GainJet Ireland secures diverse CAMO approvals
CAMO approval from these overseas regulatory authorities allows GainJet to offer a full suite of its experience and capabilities to aircraft registered overseas.
The Gainjet Ireland CAMO team, headed up by continuing airworthiness manager Michael Knowles.
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GainJet Ireland, a private aircraft charter operator and management company based at Shannon airport in the Republic of Ireland, has been awarded Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Guernsey and Isle of Man CAMO approvals.

Continuing airworthiness manager Michael Knowles says: “Gaining the approvals from these airworthiness authorities allows us to offer management and operational platforms to aircraft registered in these countries. We are focused primarily on assisting owners to transition to the Irish register, which allows commercial operation in Europe, and having these other approvals will allow us to support aircraft that remain on their own register.”

Accountable manager Ray Mills adds: “The CAMO team is headed up by Michael, who is well respected in the CAMO sector. He has built a team that has years of experience both in CAMO and in 145 facilities on a variety of different aircraft.”

The benefit of having aircraft in the EJ register allows owners to have a 'Neutral Flag', full EASA compliance, allowing full operations in the EU. Operating and importing aircraft on the EJ register offers the same tax efficient benefits that are currently afforded to all the world’s largest leasing companies that are based in Ireland.

Mills continues: "We are very optimistic about our future here in Ireland, we have invested hugely in our people, training, capabilities and facilities and we offer the most important commodities to our clients, safety and trust."