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Fly Louie Alliance draws in operator number 300
As the third anniversary of the Fly Louie Alliance approaches this autumn, it reports membership numbers of over 300 Part 135 charter operators and 3,000 aircraft. The growth is a validation of the vision of the Alliance.
Founder and CEO Julia Takeda.

In the past year, the Fly Louie Alliance membership has grown by nearly 50 per cent, with market share reaching 30 per cent of Part 135 charter aircraft in the US. In tandem with its operator growth, the number of aircraft enrolled in the programme experienced a 76 per cent increase from just one year ago. The Alliance aims to give charter operators a competitive edge in the industry, with access to fuel savings, sales expertise and new revenue opportunities.

Fly Louie founder and ceo Julia Takeda says: “Our vision for continued, shared success has never been more clear. We're focused on solving broad issues such as aircraft supply and demand challenges, crew logistics and finding quality ad-hoc and long term charter revenue opportunities for our members. We know we're stronger together and are grateful for operators' confidence in our advocacy and results.”

Record growth in private air travel has led to some growing pains in the industry, which Fly Louie believes the Alliance is uniquely suited to solve. Fly Louie's revenue management programmes are matching highly qualified Alliance member aircraft with some of the best wholesale demand and buyers in the industry. Alliance members are taking advantage of Fly Louie's sales expertise and buyer relationships to find diverse, reliable sources of revenue. Many Alliance members are already booking partial and full dedication deals that extend into Q4 2022.

Fuel savings continue to be a primary motivator for new member acquisition, with 18 per cent growth in the Preferred FBO network over the past 12 months. Fly Louie recently added to the Fly Louie team to strengthen its fuel savings programme. Associate general manager of fuel and FBO relationships Laura Polin will add to the 82 Preferred FBOs already in the programme and work with operators to bolster utilisation.

In October 2022, Fly Louie will celebrate the three year anniversary of the Alliance programme. With analysts predicting continued growth in private aviation demand, Fly Louie is meeting a critical need to prepare independent operators to make the most of those favourable market conditions.

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