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Airbus develops AAM solutions with Munich airport
Airbus and Munich airport are actively building working ecosystems with AAM partners. Their MoI signals the start of their marketing solutions to cities and regions around the world.
Munich airport is offering ground infrastructure services and solutions for CityAirbus NextGen operations.

Airbus and Munich Airport International, a Munich airport subsidiary offering airport management, consulting and training services worldwide, have signed a memorandum of understanding to start marketing turnkey solutions to cities and regions interested in developing advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystems globally.

Airbus is developing the eVTOL CityAirbus NextGen aircraft, along with key support and services offerings around it, while Munich airport is offering ground infrastructure services and solutions.

Leading German companies, universities and research institutions as well as municipalities and organisations joined forces earlier this year to form the Air Mobility Initiative (AMI), among them Munich Airport International, Airbus, City of Ingolstadt, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Flugsicherung, Diehl Aerospace, Droniq, Red Cross and Telekom. They have set up a series of research projects centred around electric aircraft, air traffic management services and vertiports to gain an accurate picture of the technical and regulatory requirements.

“Munich Airport International is already collaborating with Airbus on the Air Mobility Initiative recently launched in Munich; now we are expanding that partnership globally to support select cities and regions around the world,” says executive VP corporate development Ivonne Kuger. “As Europe's first five star airport, Munich airport has always been at the forefront of innovation, and it is crucial for airports to be actively involved in developing and paving the way for this new form of transport."

“The development of the market, industry and the ultimate service of AAM requires a holistic view, and this has been our approach from the beginning. In addition to our decades of vehicle and technology development, certification and support, we are actively building working ecosystems with our partners,” adds Airbus head of UAM partnerships and strategy execution Balkiz Sarihan. “We are sure that our partnership with Munich airport will be a key catalyst for accelerating the development of AAM ecosystems worldwide.”

The successful integration of the different AAM elements requires a strong cooperation between global and local stakeholders, combining key competencies. The objective is to create completely new ecosystems that ensure a safe and seamless integration of eVTOL solutions with other means of mobility, bringing added value to cities and communities.

Airbus has been one of the pioneers in exploring how electric propulsion can help drive the development of new kinds of aerial vehicles. In September 2021, the company unveiled its fully electric eVTOL prototype, the CityAirbus NextGen. Airbus is developing an AAM solution with eVTOLs not only to offer a new mobility service but also as an important step in its quest to reduce emissions in aviation across its product range. The company recently announced the launch of the Air Mobility Initiative, a consortium of partners dedicated to the advancement of AAM in Bavaria and Germany.

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