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German police choose Universal for cameras and SkyVis
EVS4000 multispectral enhanced vision cameras are to be installed on eight new H145s destined for the Bavarian Police, and BPOL is progressing an EASA STC for SkyVis on H215s.
The Bavarian Police H145s will be fitted with EVS4000 multispectral enhanced vision cameras.

The Bavarian Police in Germany has selected Universal Avionics to install EVS4000 multispectral enhanced vision cameras on its eight recently acquired Airbus H145 helicopters. The addition of the EVS4000 improves safety by increasing situational awareness in low visibility situations, including inclement weather and during night missions.

The EVS4000 cameras offer advanced real-time processing capabilities to merge high definition video in the visible, near infrared (NIR) and long wave IR spectrum, for display on head down and, where available, on the company's ClearVision head-wearable or helmet-mounted displays. The resulting image enhances visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Meeting all FAA/EASA/ICAO/CAAC EVS civil certifications, the platform is the clear decision for special missions. The high resolution, high contrast video will be displayed on the H145's Helionix MFDs.

The helicopters were ordered back in December 2021 to replace the state's H135 fleet. They will be operated from the two Bavarian helicopter squadron bases at Munich airport and in Roth, close to Nuremberg. The first delivery is planned for 2023.

This latest version of the H145 has a five-bladed rotor, increasing the useful load by 150kg, and the simplicity of the bearingless main rotor design will ease maintenance operations.

At the same time, the German Federal Police (BPOL) has overseen test flights of UA's SkyVis helmet mounted display with Norway-based rotary MRO specialist Heli-One, with a view to the development of an EASA STC for SkyVis on H215 (AS332L1e) helicopters. At its completion, it will be the first civilian certification of a helmet-mounted display.

The SkyVis suite is comprised of a set of helmet-mounted monocle-type displays used for the visualisation of primary flight information. The system can be used during the daytime and can also be combined with night vision goggles for use at night. It was noted during test flights that the SkyVis suite demonstrated a mature system with a clear path to certification.

By enabling a pilot to stay heads-up by retaining access to critical flight information, the system reduces workload in demanding situations and ensures that focus remains outside the cockpit. This will help BPOL improve situational awareness and achieve higher mission completion rates with greater safety in any flying environment.

With the successful completion of these test flights, Universal Avionics is expecting full certification of the system on the H215 in 2022.

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