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Maverick concept makes good for Rosen
Rosen Aviation's prize winning Maverick concept cabin design mixes minimalist lines with sophisticated textures. Technology is hidden or seamlessly integrated, made visible only when in use.
The aim was to create a disruptive design showing how sensor technologies and integrated display surfaces might create a more intuitive, immersive experience.

The Maverick Project: First Class VR Experience by Oregon-headquartered aviation display, sensor technology and cabin electronics company Rosen Aviation, supported by Miami, Florida-based 3D visualisation company KiPcreating and Argentinian luxury design firm SkyStyle has been awarded first prize in the annual International Yacht & Aviation Design Awards Cabin Design – Concept category for 2022.

The project represents the culmination of an ongoing collaboration between the three companies as they aim to significantly enhance the passenger experience and revolutionise luxury travel design. The companies have said previously that the concept environment was driven by the challenge faced by interior designers to create beautiful cabin environments with limited space and bulky components; Rosen sought to employ diverse sensor technologies and integrated display surfaces that resulted in an intuitive, immersive space.

Rosen SVP strategy Lee Clark says: "It is extremely rewarding to see our efforts recognised at the highest level and to see just how many leading voices in design and travel believe in our vision for the future. We know that what we are working towards is not only transformative but achievable, and this is a monumental step in what has been, and will continue to be, an exciting journey."

KiPcreating founder and CEO Max Pardo adds: “We are very honoured that the Rosen VR Experience received such a prestigious achievement and are even more honoured to work with such distinguished companies and showcase this groundbreaking cabin concept."

Sky-Style design director and co-founder Lucas Colombo Carbone says: "We are incredibly grateful for this recognition of the First Class concept, and it is an honour to be recognised with the International Yacht and Aviation Award. This results from joining forces with great partners such us Rosen and KiPcreating."

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