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Moove offers shared ownership on TBM 960
A new global offer from Moove for frequent flyers completes its chartering and management app. The company is targeting senior and middle management business flyers.
Moove has launched a shared ownership offer on the Daher TBM 960.
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France-based startup Moove has recently unveiled a shared ownership offer based on the Daher TBM 960 that aims to drastically reduce the cost of operations. The offer specifically targets SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) located in regions poorly served by current business aviation options.

Founder and CEO Arthur Ingles says: “Our goal is to ease access to business aviation for professionals. Therefore, we are offering a service to our customers, especially those in remote regions, through an optimised cost for acquisition and utilisation that widens current market segments.”

Moove will manage the sales and management of the aircraft while selected operators will oversee the aircraft operations. Customers can buy a share in an aircraft, starting with 1/16th for a cost of 280,000 euros, which gives access to a credit of 20 flight hours.

Daher will handle the maintenance of the fleet, thus benefitting from the OEM's Total Care maintenance programme.

“With the TBM 960, we can fly direct routes in great comfort for professionals more acquainted to long road journeys. Its top speed and new cabin make it a perfect workspace, and it guarantees the mandatory safety level for our clients,” says Ingles.

Through the offer, Moove also aims to cut the hidden economic and environmental costs of repositioning, and the startup says it will ensure local economic benefits for regional airport operators.

The company claims to meet the growing demand from professionals seeking to simplify and optimise their travel by offering flights on the most efficient aircraft on the market through its app. It aims to open up the traditional business aviation market, which is facing growing economic and ecological challenges, to a new population.

After more than a year of development, the solution was tested with a large French industrial group and around 10 SMEs.

“To attract professionals unfamiliar with all the benefits of on demand aviation, we are deploying a unique technology comparable with commercial aviation and the train. And we're giving operators a new revenue channel, based on distinctive marketing,” says Ingles.

The key features are the particular single-turbine aircraft it selects for European business travel; a real-time comparison to reveal the time saving and cost savings of on demand aviation; and integration with company booking schemes.

“To convince executives to adopt on demand aviation, you have to demonstrate the immediate benefits. We are showing as many people as we can the extent of the possibilities of an aircraft that adapts to their needs. For many, it's just a click,” he continues.

In all, Moove offers on demand charter, shared ownership and aircraft management on Piper, Daher and Pilatus aircraft.

“We are focusing on turboprop aircraft that provide a 45 per cent reduction in fuel consumption compared to existing jets. It is an immediate response to what, tomorrow, will be a prerequisite for our industry,” he says.

The marketplace business model combined with a joint charter offer and shared ownership makes it possible to respond at the best price to occasional or regular requests by leveraging empty leg flights. The objective is to offer an aircraft in each region that can be deployed outside heavy transport infrastructure and that may have lost commercial lines to maintain economic activity.

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