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Alpine Aerotech receives STC for traffic systems in Bell 212/412
The traffic system STC allows Garmin GTS 800, 825 or 855 LRUs installations in Bell 212 and 412 helicopters, while the 'drop in' EFIS will improve upon the legacy ADI and HSI; much needed additions to Alpine's STC portfolio.
A certified solution that offers enhanced safety provided by an active traffic surveillance system.

Helicopter maintenance and product developer Alpine Aerotech has officially received Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) supplemental type certificates (STC) for the installation of Garmin GTS 8XX series TAS/TCAS I traffic systems, and for the installation of Astronautics AFI 4700 RoadRunner EFIS, on VFR/IFR Bell 212 and 412 rotorcraft. FAA and EASA STCs are currently pending.

The TAS/TCAS I traffic system STC has been designed to allow the installation of the Garmin GTS 800, 825 or 855 LRUs in Bell 212 and 412 helicopters and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The STC includes integration with several traffic displays including the Garmin GTN/GNC series, GI 275, Avidyne IFD4XX/5XX series as well as Garmin GDU1060 and Astronautics RoadRunner primary flight displays. The GTS 800 system can actively track up to 45 targets to 22 nautical miles, generate aural and visual traffic advisories, and integrate with passive ADS-B surveillance. The GTS 825/855 have even greater range and target acquisition capabilities.

“This is a much-needed addition to our STC portfolio for the Bell 212 and 412,” says avionics manager Bert Geofroy. “We now have a certified solution to offer customers who desire the enhanced safety provided by an active traffic surveillance system or have a contractual mandate to meet.”

The Astronautics flight instrument (AFI) 4700 STC has been designed to replace and improve upon the legacy electromechanical attitude direction indicator (ADI) and horizontal situation indicator (HSI). The RoadRunner EFIS exceeds the original instruments in its ability to display GPS maps, radar altitude and traffic. The STC modification has been designed as a 'drop-in' replacement, requiring minimal wiring and structural rework.

“This is a cost-effective solution to the ever-increasing problem of equipment obsolescence,” adds Geofroy. “In addition to its inherent safety enhancements, this system provides a reduction in weight and an increase in reliability and capability.”

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